Visual Testing (VT)

Visual Testing (VT)

B-TEC has many supporting certifications in addition to Level II VT
What it is.

Visual Testing (VT) is the most common and cost effective method of NDT. A trained visual inspector is able to detect irregularities that most people would overlook. VT can help and aid in eliminating discontinuities that might become defects at a later time.

What we do.

All B-TEC’s inspection staff meet the requirements to perform visual inspections to many different visual inspection codes and requirements such as AWS and ASME. All of B-TEC’s inspection staff will undergo a eyesight exam to insure that their near, far and color acuity meet the standards of SNT-TC-1A. Our Level II Technicians have experience in many types of work environments and carry proper certifications to get the job done.

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