Crane & Lift Equipment Inspection

Crane and Lift Equipment Inspection

Benefits of Annual Crane & Lift Equipment Inspections

• Improved job site safety

• Increased equipment productivity

• Prolong equipment life

• Satisfy annual OSHA/ASME/ANSI requirements

• Reduce maintenance costs

• Improved employee relations

• Objective third-party assessment

Our Certified Inspectors

We examine each crane to identify operational and/or structural deficiencies that may compromise the safe operation of the unit. Upon completion, an annual inspection sticker is placed in a conspicuous location indicating the unit number, report reference number, and inspection/expiration dates. A quote detailing the estimated project cost for annual/third-party crane inspections can be prepared from your equipment list based on the type(s) of equipment, number of units, and location. Inspection cost depends on a variety of factors including overall crane condition, crane location and project.

How it works.

Different codes require different inspection criteria.
We can advise on newest revisions of appropriate codes.

Inspection & Repair Services

We Conduct

Compliance Inspections

D.O.T. Inspections

Rail Crane Inspections

Structural Integrity Exams with NDT

Certified Repair Service

Structural Integrity Examinations

Our Inspectors specialize in Cranes & Heavy Equipment

We Conduct NDE Inspection utilizing visual, magnetic particle, and ultrasonic inspection to examine structural components for cracks.

NDE inspection is a very important component of the inspection process allowing the inspector to identify structural cracks or deficiencies that may be present and not obvious by visual inspection alone.

Types of equipment we inspect:

Carrier Mounted Lattice Boom cranes, Crawler cranes, Telecrawlers, RT/AT cranes, hydraulic cranes, CarryDecks, mini-cranes, boom trucks, articulated boom trucks, material handlers, forklifts, RT forklifts, personnel lifts, below the hook lifting devices, overhead bridge, monorail, jib cranes, bridge and gantry cranes and other systems upon request per relevant OSHA, ASME, and ANSI codes.

A crane operator is required for certain portions of the mobile crane inspection, especially to verify crane function and when inspecting the wire rope or ropes.

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